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I created a tag woo ! I don't know if this tag already exists but i'm going to do it anyway. This tag is going to be a throwback thursday for music. Its also great to see how much your taste has changed too. I'm not going to tag anyone but whoever wants to do it then feel free to do it too ! Anyway here are the questions for the tag ! 

1. Which band did you hate that everyone liked ? 
For me it had to be JLS. I don't know why but i really hated them and would scream to get their songs turned off if they were on the radio or tv. Everyone loved them when i was 12/13 but when they announced that they were splitting up i cried with joy. Even though they might not be around now i still don't like them. 

2. The album that soundtracked your school years ?
When i was around about 12-13 i discovered a band called Vampire Weekend and brought the album 'Contra'.This album then became the one i was obsessed with when i was in year 8 at school. It got me through a lot of things so it definitely had to be the album that got me into bands such as some of the bands i listen to now. 

3. What was the first cd you owned  ?
The first proper cd i ever owned was Life In Cartoon Motion by Mika. I used to collect all the now thats what i call music albums but i guess those don't count but Mika's first album was the first proper album i owned that wasn't a soundtrack or a load of songs chucked together by lots of bands and artists. My favourite song on that album was 'Relax,Take It Easy'. To this day i still have the cd.

4. Were you obsessed with any bands when you were younger ?
Yes. I was a huge fan of Steps and S Club 7. I had a video tape with every single steps video on it so i would copy all the dance routines from the tv. I even  had the film that S Club 7 did on a tape too. I was about 4 or 5 when i discovered that i was a big fan of Steps and now thinking about it makes me cringe. I was also gutted when both bands announced that they were splitting up. 

5. Are there any bands from when you were younger that you still listen to ?
I still listen to McFly. I remember when i first saw 5 colours in her hair on one of the music channels on the tv and would dance around the living room to the song. I actually went to see McBusted in 2014 so that was literally a childhood dream come true but I'm yet to see just McFly. I also met them too in london but you probably know that from my 20 facts about me post. I still like McFly and will probably carry onto like them when I'm a lot older. 

6.What was your favourite music video ?
I don't think i really had one but i used to like copying all the dance routines on the tv thinking i was really cool like you do when your that age. I think its great that i was a late 90s kid and got to hear some of the songs that nowadays are classed as 'cheesy' and crap because they don't sound like music that you hear now. 

7. Did you ever go through a 'phase' if so what did you listen to ?
I went through a phase of listening to old music when i was around about 10. I had this small iPod nano that had a lot of random albums on it and i used to love listening to the david bowie albums on there along with the Boat That Rocked soundtrack as its full of songs from the 60's ! 

8. Have any family members influenced your music taste ? 
Actually my grandad was the one who introduced me to these bands he used to listen to when he was a teenager at the age of 9 or maybe a bit older but i can remember him showing me Fleetwood Mac's song 'The Chain' and i was hooked instantly on their music. Without my grandad i wouldn't have heard of half of the bands from the 60's/70's that i like now ! 

9. Did you ever like any songs from movie/video game soundtracks ?
I used to love the songs that disney would use in some of their live action films. I know they used a Good Charlotte song which was 'The Anthem" in one of their rubbish films but i loved the song a lot ! I also used to like the soundtrack from the Disney Extreme Skate Adventure which was an skateboarding game for the playstation 2 that had a pop punk soundtrack to go with the video game which i think is pretty cool ! 

10. What was the ultimate school disco song !
For me it had to be 'Don't Stop Moving' by S Club 7. It was the song would start off a sea of people sliding on their knees of the school hall ... Never mind the cha cha slide or the macarena this was what it was all about in primary school. It also went off a birthday parties whenever this came on because once again people would slide on about in their knees ! I have no idea what it was with knee sliding but that was a thing ! To be fair any song by S Club 7 was a hit at a birthday party or a school disco. 

Now you know a bit about the songs i spent my childhood listening to. I was a late 90s kid so CD's really started coming in a bit before then ! Yes i used to love a lot of cheesy pop music but i definitely have no shame at all.Like i said feel free to do this tag if you want to! Let me know if you do this tag by either leaving a comment or tweeting me at @illustratedchlo on twitter ! 

Speak soon , 

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  1. McFly & Busted ♡
    I was overjoyed when Busted announced that they'll be re-uniting!

    1. i definitely saw it coming but i was super happy about that !

  2. I absolutely love this tag, I'll definitely be doing this because it's so much fun! I'll let you know as soon as it's up.

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

  3. Oooh I love this post! May have to do it over on my blog :)

    1. Also, I'm pretty sure McFly are touring later on this year ;)

    2. yeah i think they might be which is pretty cool and yeah you should give the tag a go if you want !

  4. I could LEGIT break out at least five S Club 7 and three S Club Junior dances right NOW!! Best memories!!

    Eb x


    1. omg i used to love both of those when i was a kid ! those were the best days !!!! :)